Installing Kitchen Island Light Fixtures

Kitchen island lights come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Basically, your options are nearly limitless. But this article is not. So rest assured that no matter how many kitchen island lighting fixtures we call upon here today there are many more. Light the way The lighting fixtures above the island in your kitchen are some of the most important lights in your house. When having... Read More

Design Considerations When Changing Sockets and Switches

Changing the plain sockets and switches in a room can transform the living space, adding a more polished finish to it. Either on it’s or as part of a complete redecoration changing your switch plates can be a cheap way of giving your room a new lease of life. So what kind of things should someone consider when choosing new sockets and switches? 1. Other Metal Finishes in the... Read More

Tips for Using Brass Switch Plates

An easy and affordable way to decorate a room is by replacing the switch plates. Typical plates are designed with plastic and come in a boring white color. Changing them to better fit the room and existing decor is a great home improvement project that doesn’t require much time or effort. Brass switch plates are a classic-looking choice that can help a room look very sophisticated... Read More

Remodelling Trends for 2011

Remodelling Trends for 2011

Interior architecture and design is a continually evolving industry.  Technological advancements together with popular culture tend to set the stage for these new trends in the home design industry.  The goal is to incorporate those trends that have the staying power and that become the new lifestyle standard without ever appearing dated. Whether you’re building a new home,... Read More

Lighting Trends: Low Voltage Track Systems

Lighting Trends: Low Voltage Track Systems

A good light does more than simply illuminate space. It allows you to accentuate architectural features and the character of your space. So the right kind of lighting in the right places can establish any mood or atmosphere you desire. The latest trend is the low voltage track system. Low-voltage monorail track lighting system not only highlight important artifacts and artwork,... Read More

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