Bathroom Lighting Techniques

Light at the grooming mirror is the most important in the bathroom.  The light should be even, free from glare and shadow, and, for the sake of makeup application, it should be as close to natural light as possible.

Tips for Illuminate the bathroom:

To disperse the light evenly, choose fixtures with white, translucent globes or diffusers, or fixtures that take frosted decorative bulbs.

Locate fixtures on both sides of the mirror if there is room.

If side lighting won’t work, mount horizontal fixtures along the top of the mirror, around 78 inches off the ground.

Hollywood style strip lights with exposed globes are most effective as makeup lights when they have many relatively dim white bulbs close together. Add a dimmer to accommodate individual preferences.

Augment mirror lights with downlights recessed in canopies or soffits. These fixtures should be centered front to back over the countertop and spaced 3 to 4 feet apart.

For modest-sized bathroom with a shower-tub, a toilet, and vanity mirror/sink combinations needs functional lighting on a small scale. Provide general light with a center ceiling light. Many lights combine exhaust fan, general light, and night-light.  Be sure you can control each function separately.

People who save in the shower or bath will appreciate additional task light there. Use fixtures designated for damp or wet locations, and be sure to follow the Canadian electrical code.

Provide night light either in the ceiling fixture or with strip lights or mini fluorescent tubes under toe spaces.

Consider using a light sensor that will turn on automatically when the room darkens.

Electrical codes are usually very strict for bathrooms.  Have a licensed electrical contractor doing all the lighting Vancouver installation for your safety.

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