Bathroom Renovation: Vanity Lightings

contemporary-bathroom-lighting-and-vanity-lighting There are many simple and easy ways to improve the look of your bathroom. A simple change to the bathroom vanity light fixtures can make a world of difference in the feel of your room.

Spend a little time thinking about what sort of fixture you would like. There are many different styles to fit your tastes, from vintage to traditional to modern. A great selection of light fixtures can be found online, at hardware stores, home improvement stores, department stores or specialty retailers. Prices vary, but you are sure to find an attractive option in your price range.

A couple things to consider are the size of your vanity. If you are working with a double bathroom vanity versus a single, you will need either a larger light fixture or you will need to go with two matching fixtures. You should also consider the placement of the new fixture with respect to your bath mirrors. If you have one mirror you can go with a fixture that goes above the mirror or you can go with two, one on each side of the mirror. If you have two smaller mirrors over a double sink unit, then you could go with one long light fixture above, you could use two medium fixtures, one at each end of the vanity, or you could even do three smaller light fixtures, one on each side and then one in between the mirrors.

New bathroom vanity light fixtures are not only simple, easy and stylish, but they can also be better for the environment. While shopping for a new fixture, take note of those that can use compact fluorescent bulbs, or bulbs that are environmentally friendly. The bulbs will last longer and use less energy than a traditional light bulb and will also save you money. By installing a new fixture, you are improving the value of your bathroom should you decide to sell your home. Not to mention the benefits of seeing your beautiful new project every day.

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