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How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

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Finding the right ceiling fan can be a bit more complicated than just walking into a showroom and choosing something you like. Some factors like the size of the room and the ceiling height must be taken into consideration. In addition, quality should be taken into account.  

Calculate the Size of the Room

The first step is to determine the size of the room. In general the larger the room, the longer the blade span needs to be. In fact, some big rooms may require two or more fans. Blades can range from 36 inches for a 100 square feet room to 52″ for a 375 sf. room. The center of the room must also be determined as that is the best placement.

Consider the Ceiling Height

The ceiling height can affect the type of mount required. As a general rule, ceiling fans shouldn’t be lower than seven feet from the floor. Eight to nine feet is better. In fact, some building codes may mandate this. For lower ceilings, a flush mount can be installed. For higher ceilings or sloped ceilings, a down rod can be used to drop the fan to a more preferred height.

Seek Quality Components

Quality parts are another concern. As an electrician, my advice to clients is to avoid cheap materials. Instead, look for heavy, die-cast parts as these will help reduce noise and are less probable to wobble. Mounts that include sealed bearings will last longer as they supply permanent lubrication. Also, make sure the blades are weighted and balanced, and the fan comes with a good warranty.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Fan:

Matching the décor of the room.

Blade pitches range from 8 % – 15 %–the higher the pitch, the more air that is circulated.

Since many fans include lighting fixtures, your current circuit may not be adequate and may need to be upgraded.

At WireChief Electric, we make sure that all bases of your ceiling fan installation are covered, including:

  • Clean & neat ceiling fan installation
  • Properly balanced fan installations
  • Secure installations for reduced vibrations/ noise.

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