Why Choose to Install Recessed Lights

Having the exact lighting fixtures is essential for decorating a house. Although your family room has the fanciest furniture and decorations but lacks the proper lighting accessories, it would still look unfinished.

One of the most efficient ways to perk up a room and increase its visual appeal is the use of proper lighting fixtures. Gone are the conventional chandeliers, as visually appealing pendant lights have replaced them. Another lighting accessory that has been adding excitement to interior decoration is the use of recessed lighting. You can see them in hotels, business compounds such as malls, and even in houses.

The good thing about these lighting accessories is that they are not limited to the living room but can also be used in the rest of the home as well as in outdoor areas.

Reasons why you should install recessed lighting in your home

  •  It gives a beautiful glow to the entire room with a sense of balance
  •  It establishes the ideal background in any part of your home
  •  It adds to having a sophisticated atmosphere, aside from adding illumination
  • Unlike chandeliers, they do not dangle from your ceiling or cover your walls, so they are perfect for small spaces
  • They are in tune with your ceiling’s surface hence no jamming effect happens
  • Its different design adds to the appeal of your ceiling and room
  • When used in the kitchen, you get surplus wall space for your cupboards
  • Since they come in a set, you have the option of just illuminating a specific area.

Here are some tips on placing recessed lights to brighten your space in the finest manner and to maximize their use.

  • When mounting recessed lights, remember to have consistency in their distance. The number of lights that you will use determine their distance with each other. Alternatively, the dimension of the area to be illuminated decides the number of lights you require.
  • Position recessed lights in a straight or curved line. If you decide to have them in a straight row, you can implement different designs such as rectangles, squares, and squares within a square, equally spaced rows, triangles, or inverted triangles.
  • You can also use an undone or freehand style by using arc patterns of mounting. This can have equal ‘S’ shaped rows or an oval or round shape outline.
  • Usually used for curved POP ceilings is the curved line. These are great for larger areas.
  • Mounting them in your bedroom and kitchen will be different.
  • Use them to illuminate the kitchen, table, and cupboards.
  • In a bedroom, use them to light your closet and desk. You can also use them for your bed.
  • It’s in the living room that you really have to focus on their proper positioning and spacing to achieve the best lighting effect.

Recessed lighting can also be used to accent other areas, especially if you have a large living room. These spaces can be the hallway, the entertainment room, or if you have a small nook in your family room.

Your living room can be fantastically appealing if the recessed lights are positioned correctly. You can always ask for advice from an interior decorator or read some home decoration books. However, you can always explore and apply your style and who knows, it might even be better!

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