Choosing The Right Floor Lamps And Lighting Fixtures For Your Home

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Lighting is a significant interior design feature that every homeowner must consider. It helps highlight decorative pieces, influences mood, and greatly improves the aesthetic appeal of a house. However, sufficient lighting is not just necessary for making a house look attractive – it is also needed to make a home safe for all its habitats. Ample lighting not only helps you walk and move around the different rooms in the house with ease, it also makes working on sight intensive tasks, such as reading, writing, and cooking much easier and safer.

To help homeowners select the right light fittings for their homes, here are some simple tips on choosing different kinds of lamps:

Floor lamps – When picking out a standing floor lamp, the first thing that you should take into consideration is the stability of the lamp. Make sure to select one with a weighted bottom to prevent it from tipping over or falling unexpectedly, particularly in high traffic rooms. Also, make sure that the style that you select not only fits with the room’s overall design but also the purpose of the lamp; for example, while it may be tempting to choose a lamp that emits a soft-yellow light, this might not be practical for sewing or reading. The type of bulb and the thickness and material for the shade will influence the kind of light the lamp gives off.

Table or desk lamps – One of the principal factors in choosing a table lamp is the height; take into account the height of the table where the lamp will be placed. Make sure to keep the shade low enough to cover the bulb, as a visible and brightly shining bare bulb can be painful to the eyes. In addition to height, stability is also very important – make sure to pick out weighted bases to stop lamps from getting knocked over. Like to floor lamps, the light that comes from table lamps is also determined by bulb types and shade materials.

Pendant lights and chandeliers – For pendant lights and chandelier be sure not to obstruct views, also people can hit heads if they are too low. For that reason, only install these hanging light fixtures in rooms with high enough ceilings. For pendant lights, you can adjust the length of the cords to keep them at an optimal height. If you are looking for a contemporary alternative to crystal chandeliers, a group of shaded pendant lights in stylish shapes and designs may be hung at various heights to create a unique and aesthetically appealing light fixture.

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