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Design Considerations When Changing Sockets and Switches

Changing the plain sockets and switches in a room can transform the living space, adding a more polished finish to it. Either on it’s or as part of a complete redecoration changing your switch plates can be a cheap way of giving your room a new lease of life.

So what kind of things should someone consider when choosing new sockets and switches?

1. Other Metal Finishes in the Room

Whether it’s the door handles or light fixtures, or the window latches to the fireplace surround, you should consider how the new sockets and switches will fit in with other metal workings in the room. The typical finishes available are Nickel, Brass, Chrome, Stainless Steel and Black. Read more about socket and switch finishes here.

2. Condition of the Wall

Flat plate sockets and switches can greatly finish a room, but beware! They are extremely unforgiving so if you have anything other than flat walls steer well clear of them, and if the spirit level is not your favorite DIY tool, these are probably not the perfect plate for you. They should up anomalies easily so need to be put on very straight, or at least parallel with the door and skirting.

3. Recently Plastered Walls

There is nothing better than getting a good quality plasterer in to skim a wall to get rid of that old aertex or to even out old wall wobbles, but don’t forget recently plastered walls take months to dry properly. I’m sure your plasterer has said don’t wallpaper for 6 months afterward, but did he warn you the drying process can horribly stain brass sockets and switches? It’s no big deal, just ask your socket supplier to provide you with gaskets to provide a seal against the dampness and you’re good to go!

4. General Feel of the Room

Sockets and switches come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from square to round, from Georgian to Victorian and everything else, but make sure it fits the style of the room!

5. The Rest of The House

I’m sure you’ll love the finish to your new room, but what if you love it a bit too much? What if you decide to continue your new project throughout the house? Will you use the same switch plates and finishes? Will the style fit your other rooms? It’s worth having a think before you go.


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