When Do You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Most homeowners are pretty familiar with their breaker panels or fuse boxes. In the event of a power problem in one area of the house, this is the first place to check. However, How do you know when your panel needs to be upgraded?

How can you know what size panel you need, how many breakers should be inside and how many circuits your home demands to function properly? If you have performed a renovation lately, or have been having problems with your electrical system, it may be time for an upgrade.

Most houses are built to handle the amount of electricity that is required at the time that the home is built. As your house ages, so does your breaker panel.

Our electrical needs have grown greatly over the past 50 years, meaning that there are many houses that can no longer safely handle the amount of electricity that is used on a daily basis. Instead of addressing this issue properly, by having an electrical panel upgrade, many homeowners choose to deal with constantly flipped breakers and other issues.

Sometimes this could be dangerous.

You may need a breaker panel in the cases below:

· Your breakers trip often.

· You have renovated your house or adding additional rooms.

· You have installed tank-less water heaters or central heat and air.

· You have bought new kitchen appliances.

· You are utilizing 240V tools in your garage.

· You still have a fuse-box, or other outdated electrical panel.

An upgraded electrical panel not only improve the operation of your home’s electrical service, but also might be a great benefit when you decide to sell your house.

And because building codes have changed over the years, there is a good chance that part of your house could no longer be in compliance with the electrical code.

Upgrading your panel gives you peace of mind knowing that your electrical service provides the power you need, but also that your entire electrical system is safe and up to date.

In a few cases, an electrical panel upgrade may be required as a result of electrical technologies that are now known to be faulty. In fact, some electrical panels that were once considered to be completely safe can cause electrical shocks, fires and other hazards. If left as is, these unsafe electrical panels can result in harmful damage to your house and injuries to you and your family. If you live in an older home, it can really pay off to have an electrician inspect your electrical  panel.

Although there are many safety benefits for upgrading your electrical panel, the most common reason that homeowners have this upgrade done is to allow for a growing and changing electrical system. Whether this means adding new circuits for rooms or appliances an electrical panel upgrades can make your life as a home-owner much more functional.

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