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Home Theater System – Advice, Info & Tips

When thinking about installing a home theater system, there are many choices you will need to make. You will need to decide on a budget that you are comfortable with; this will aid you in deciding on the components, and any electrical work that may be needed. You will also have to choose if you are going to take up an entire room or integrate the system into a multiple purpose room.

If you are going to use a whole room to the household theater, you can install a system as big as the room will allow, if you are going to integrate it, sometimes the smaller the better so that it fits perfectly in with the rest of the decoration. Once the room has been chosen, you will now have to choose the placement of the audio and video components. You need to make sure you have enough electrical outlets and enough power to supply all the equipment. You will also want to buy a good surge protector that has a high-value guarantee.

Generally the bigger the room, the bigger the television and speakers should be in order to get the maximum results. Place the television screen on the farthest wall. Many homes choose to use a wall mounted screen so that they do not have to use a large entertainment area. Now for the receiver, be sure to purchase one that has enough power, inputs, and outputs to work with the planned setup, as well as more unused ones for future upgrades. As with all things, there are different qualities of products, get one you think will best suit the purpose while staying within your budget. Some sort of media player will be required, so get one that is compatible with the other components so that everything will work together flawlessly.

Speakers are necessary to bring the entire experience to life. Generally, the frontal ones are the largest while the surrounding speakers are the smallest. When deciding on a set, listen to many types of music and movies so you can hear the entire spectrum. An amplified subwoofer will let the user feel the sound which improves the entire experience. The speakers should be placed high enough that furniture and other objects will not get in the way of sounds.

Many people forget to think of things like lighting which can enhance or ruin the system. When possible, add several dimmable lighting fixtures to get the mood you want right, also place them in a way that they will not shine onto the screen, as this adds glare. If you are unsure about any electric work, be sure to hire an experienced electrical contractor so that the components do not overload the circuit.

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