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Tips for Using Brass Switch Plates

An easy and affordable way to decorate a room is by replacing the switch plates. Typical plates are designed with plastic and come in a boring white color. Changing them to better fit the room and existing decor is a great home improvement project that doesn’t require much time or effort.

Brass switch plates are a classic-looking choice that can help a room look very sophisticated and current compared to the traditional white. Understanding the type of furniture, flooring, and other details that will go well with these plates will ensure you complete the look you’re going for.

Combining different elements of design may seem like a bold move, but it will probably result in some disappointment. This is because the mix of designs clashing and the brass plate looking out of place.

Considering the type of furniture to use will help any individual pull together the look they desire. Darkly stained wood pieces look very good with these accessories, along with colorful framed pictures or paintings. Choosing these darker pieces to go with the new additions will ensure they don’t look strange and that everything blends in well.

Brass switch plates can be easily found at a number of home decoration stores and hardware store. Taking the time to consider different pieces, ranging from dimmers to multi-light plates are important when trying to make the best purchase. Finding a finished brass piece that looks great and gives any individual the features they want will ensure complete satisfaction.

Getting an understanding of the different accessories sold in stores will help anyone really know what is available within their budget. Browsing will also open their minds to the different finishes and sizes so that they can choose one that blends in well with existing decorations and flooring.

The type of flooring in a home can make a difference combined with the switches once they are installed. Many people recommend richly colored dark wood floors to go along with these accessories. However, carpet can still blend in well with these plates as long as the right shade is chosen. Simply take some time to shop and compare different accessories and rocker and toggle switches.

Wall plates can make an enormous difference to a room when replacing boring white ones. Rather than settle for what already exists, it’s a good idea to consider the great look of brass when mixed with dark colors and rich wood in a home.

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