Under-cabinet Lights

Under-cabinet lights are a great way to improve the lighting in your kitchen by adding directed light to the areas where you work the most.

Home-based workshops are another great place to place under-cabinet task lighting. There are many options, from the type of light bulb to the style of fixture. Some of the most popular light bulb types for these applications are LED and Xenon bulbs, since they are low-voltage and very energy-efficient. Fluorescent bulbs are nearly as popular and can be matched with many different fixture styles. Almost all cabinets have an area of about one inch underneath the cabinet where lights can be placed.

Here are some other advantages of task lighting: 

  • Illuminates the kitchen
  • Can highlight your counters
  • Makes jobs easier and much safer
  • Eliminates many shadows
  • Requires low-voltage bulbs in nearly all cases
  • Add style and distinction to your kitchen

Have a professional install your Vancouver Lighting, under cabinet lights, call a licensed, professional electrician.

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